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Saket Wahi – How to Avoid Getting Penalized For Using PBN LinksSaket Wahi – How to Avoid Getting Penalized For Using PBN Links

If you’re working with clients, make sure to warn them about PBNs – a black-hat link building tactic that violates Google’s webmaster guidelines. While it may be tempting to use this tactic in your SEO campaign, it’s fraught with risk.

How do you build PBN?

A PBN links on, or private blog network, is a group of sites created solely for the purpose of linking to another website and boosting its organic search visibility. Ideally, this network will leave no digital footprint and use different hosting providers to obscure its identity.

What are the advantages of using a PBN?

Aside from the obvious advantage of generating quality backlinks, a PBN also gives you full control over your website’s rankings. In addition, it can be used as a long-term link building strategy because it requires regular maintenance.

How can I avoid getting penalized for using PBN links?

A link from a PBN can be very toxic to your site’s rankings. It can include over-optimized anchor text, LSI keywords, and other search engine optimization tricks that could get your site penalized.

How can I prevent my PBN links from being filtered by Google?

A good way to avoid this is to create high-quality content and link to it on other reputable websites. This will help improve your site’s authority, thereby increasing its rankings.

Guest posts are a great way to distribute high-quality content and drive traffic to your website. However, they need to be evergreen and topical in order to avoid penalization by Google. At Saket Wahi, we carefully monitor our guest posting process to ensure that only high-quality sites accept our articles. We also submit our posts to high-authority domains, which will further boost your site’s rankings.