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Factors That Affect Billboard Cost

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Unlike other media channels, billboards are unskippable, making them a powerful addition to any marketing mix. It’s estimated that customers who are exposed to classic billboards and out-of-home (OOH) advertising are 17% more likely to engage with brands, so maximizing visibility is key to building brand awareness and creating a memorable message. Billboards come in a variety of sizes and locations, so they can vary in cost, depending on what you want to achieve from your campaign.

Generally speaking, billboards cost with larger dimensions and more prominent displays are typically more expensive than smaller billboards. Similarly, locations with higher traffic counts and a greater number of potential impressions will also affect pricing.

Budgeting for Success: Understanding the Factors Behind Billboard Costs

Another factor that impacts billboard cost is the materials used to create and erect the sign. Vinyl is a popular material, but other options such as wood, metal, or fiberglass are available. The final cost of your billboard will depend on what you choose, but regardless of what you choose, a reputable billboard company should provide a clear breakdown of the costs and fees before you make a decision.

There are also a variety of extras that can add to your overall billboard cost, such as lighting and creative execution. Many advertisers prefer to go the extra mile and include special effects, which can make for an unforgettable experience that’s guaranteed to get people talking about your brand. For example, billboards have been known to simulate car crashes, use smoke, and even offer earned media credit.

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