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How to Properly Clean Your Extractor

Keeping your extract cleaning will help to maintain hygiene in your kitchen, just like you would clean an oven at home. Extraction cleaning involves the removal of soils from your kitchen ventilation system ductwork and filters, it is an important step in ensuring compliance with TR/19 regulations and that the systems performs as it should.

In a commercial kitchen, the extract systems are used to remove particulates from the air, it is important that the extract system is cleaned on a regular basis to prevent particulate build up to an unacceptably high level and potential combustible risk. It is recommended that your extraction systems are cleaned on a monthly basis, but this may vary depending upon use and the type of extract system you have.

Exploring Extract Cleaning: Keeping Your Kitchen Air Clean and Safe

The first step is to make sure the extractor is fully charged and that it has the correct solution tank full of chemical for your cleaning process. Then, attach the appropriate cleaning tool. Depending on the type of system you have, it will either require a heated or non-heated water. Next, set the psi at the proper setting for your job. A low psi will be used for upholstery or delicate fabrics, while a higher psi will be used for carpets or heavily soiled areas.

Botanical extractions are a popular consumer-facing product, and these products must be produced using a clean process. One way to do that is by investing in top-quality equipment, such as stainless steel extraction tanks from Worthington Industries. Stainless steel tanks are ideal for cGMP applications, as they offer resistance to harsh chemicals that are often used in the manufacturing of botanical products.

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