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What to Consider When Buying Solar Panels

Buying Solar Panels

The decision to go solar is a big one. The initial cost can be overwhelming, but it can pay for itself in the long run with savings on your electricity bill. But before you jump in, make sure to factor in the costs of installation and incentives – and find the best system fit for your home.

Where to Buy Solar Panels

The best place to purchase a buy solar panels system is through a distributor, because they provide you with access to a broader selection of solar products and can often cut your cost by supplying the components directly from the manufacturer. In addition, they usually offer a higher level of expertise than a solar company, which allows them to recommend the right panels and parts for your project.

What to Consider When Buying Solar Panels

The quality of your solar panels will have a direct impact on how much you save. High-quality, efficient panels can be expensive, but they typically produce more energy than cheaper options, and will last longer.

Going Solar: A Beginner’s Guide to Buying Solar Panels for Your Home

The number of panels you need will depend on your usage, the local weather, and your state’s solar insolation. You can use a tool like our insolation map to get a good estimate of the number of panels you’ll need.

How to Buy Solar Panels With Tax Incentives

The most lucrative incentive for going solar is the federal solar tax credit, which can deduct 30 percent of your total system cost from your taxes (as long as you own the system yourself). That reduces the overall cost of a 10 kW system by about $28,600.

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